What's On - Oxton Bar & Kitchen (OBK)
Live Music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Oxton Bar & Kitchen - check out what's on. Local music talents include Glade, Trouble With Ev, Matt and Izzy.
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What’s On


Please note all live music 9ish until 11ish

January & February 2018

Friday 19th Jan ~ Jade

Saturday 20th Jan  ~ TBC

Friday 26th Jan ~

Glade Saturday 27th Jan ~ Mike & Fliss

Saturday 3rd Feb ~ Peter

Friday 9th Feb ~ Jade

Saturday 10th Feb ~ Mike & Fliss

Friday 16th Feb ~ Peter

Saturday 17th Feb ~ Glade

Friday 23rd Feb ~ Su & Mike

Saturday 24th Feb ~ Carina & Sam

Random unnecessary information…

St. Valentines Day
Wednesday 14th February 2018
I never thought much of Valentines Day, just another marketing gimmick… until this day last year.

The most beautiful woman (inside and out) I’ve ever had the pleasure to come across, sent me a ‘Happy Valentines Day’ message with a ‘blowy heart kiss’ emoji. Roll on a few months and our first date; we got smashed, threw up all over each other (and the taxi) before I kicked her door in (pvc!!) to save her pretty driveway from splattered sick, and honour, as Rhuddlan curtains twitched at her continuing convulsions. She now makes me breakfast every morning amongst a myriad of other chores (thanks babe x), and I pick up the dog poo, ‘do the bins’ and occasionally try to use my tool kit. We fall asleep every night holding hands (I’m refraining here through respect for her wonderful family!) I’ve never been happier, and I’m madly in love with her. So fuck it, it does mean something. Book a table here (or anywhere) for your lady / lad, get smashed, have a good night. It might mean something one day.

Oh yeh… we’ll do a sexy menu too, get on it Ray.

Save the turtles

So we’ve stopped automatically giving straws out at the wise bequest of Kirsty Busby. They can’t easily be recycled, and turtles get them stuck up there noses ’n stuff. So if you must have a straw think before you ask. One day you might come back as a turtle.