What's On - Oxton Bar & Kitchen (OBK)
Live Music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Oxton Bar & Kitchen - check out what's on. Local music talents include Glade, Trouble With Ev, Matt and Izzy.
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What’s On


Please note all live music 9 ish until 11ish

What’s On: March live music

3rd ~ Friday ~ Glade

4th ~ Saturday ~ Mike & Fabia

10th ~ Friday ~ Su & Mike

11th ~ Saturday ~ Peter Pegasiou

17th ~ Friday ~ Carina & Sam

18th ~ Saturday ~ Glynn & Mike

24th ~ Friday ~ Peter

25th ~ Saturday ~ Mike & Fabia

31st ~ Friday ~ Glade

What’s On: April live music

1st ~ Saturday ~ Mike & Fabia

 7th ~ Friday ~ Glade

8th ~ Saturday ~ Peter

13th ~ Thursday ~ Carina & Sam

14th ~ Good Fri ~ Su & Mike

16th ~ Easter Sun ~ Peter

21st ~ Friday ~ Peter

22nd ~ Saturday ~ Mike & Fabia

28th ~ Friday ~ Lucy Mayhew

29th ~ Saturday ~ Glade

Jake S’s chirpy trivia of the month

If you’re ever down in the dumps rest assured our chirpy polite bartender Jake is always on hand to pick you up. This month he reassured me that once you pass 30, your cells die at a faster rate than they can regenerate. So I’m basically fuc#ed.

That’s great news.

Thanks Jake (22)

Mother’s Day bookings

Sunday March 26th 12pm ~9pm

Bookings now being taken, £10 deposit / person to secure.

Free cuddles for all mummys!

2 courses ~ £17.25 3 courses ~ £21.25

The Flensburger paper thief


4% / Germany / £4.25 / pint

Please note a pint of Flensburger does not include the ‘Daily Mail’ we buy every morning for the children. We know who you are, where you live, how you like your eggs and what fu@@ing paper you read! We’re watching you.


Becky’s been promoted to Supervisor but still tells terrible Jokes of the month!

1. What do you call a man driving a truck? ‘Laurie’
2. Two men walk into a bar; the third one ducks.
3. What do you call a lady with a sun lamp on her head? ‘Tanya’
4. What do you call a woman sitting on a loaf of bread? ‘Marge’