What's On - Oxton Bar & Kitchen (OBK)
Live Music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Oxton Bar & Kitchen - check out what's on. Local music talents include Glade, Trouble With Ev, Matt and Izzy.
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What’s On


Please note all live music 9 ish until 11ish

July live music

1st ~ Saturday ~ Peter

7th ~ Friday ~ Mike & Glynn

8th ~ Saturday ~ Mike

14th ~ Friday ~ Peter

21st ~ Friday ~ Sue

22nd ~ Saturday ~ Mike

28th ~ Friday ~ Glynn & Mike

29th ~ Saturday ~Peter

August live music

4th ~ Friday ~ Glade

5th ~ Saturday ~ Mike

11th ~ Friday ~ Peter

12th ~ Saturday ~ Carina

18th ~ Friday ~ Sue

19th ~ Saturday ~ Glade

25th ~ Friday ~ Glynn & Mike

26th ~ Saturday ~ Peter

A Snippet From The OBK Dictionary

Definition of an alcoholic, “1. Anybody who you don’t like who drinks as much as you do.” Definition of drunk, “One’s alter ego who is blamed for all things of a regrettable nature”

This months witticisms come courtesy of Eli Watson

Finally, Happy Summer Holidays From The OBK Team!

We hope you enjoy the sun and shade while drinking the finest cocktails around, with your fresh from the cask beer and cider. We will envy all the tans and with fellow gingers amongst us – we’ll offer you sunscreen.

NEW FEATURE! Support The Staff

We’d love to say goodbye to our very own Jamie Jones, we’ve never met a Welsh man just like him. Well done to our Saffron, who recently just got promoted to Commis Chef. We wish you a nice holiday José, our all time favourite Spanish chef. Yes the rumours are true, it is Becky’s birthday on the 4th of July, but please don’t take offence when she is p*ssed off that you haven’t got her anything…

Eli Has No Jokes Left And Connaire Is Actually Quite Interesting!
Ever heard of the ‘ice man’? He is a Dutch daredevil, also known as Wim Hof. He
practices the ability to withstand extreme cold, by just using meditation and
breathing techniques. Since unfortunately we do get the gift of British weather,
who thinks they can beat Connaire at being the next ‘ice man’?