What's On - Oxton Bar & Kitchen (OBK)
Live Music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Oxton Bar & Kitchen - check out what's on. Local music talents include Glade, Trouble With Ev, Matt and Izzy.
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What’s On


Please note all live music 9ish until 11ish

December live music

8th ~ Friday ~ Su & Mike

9th ~ Saturday ~ Glade

15th ~ Friday ~ Glynn & Mike

16th ~ Saturday ~ Peter Pegasiou

21st ~ Thursday ~ Glynn & Mike

22nd ~ Friday ~ Glade

23rd ~ Saturday ~ Mike & guest

24th ~ Saturday ~ Peter Pegasiou

Boxing Day ~ Carina & Sam

28th ~ Thursday ~ Glynn & Mike

29th ~ Friday ~ Su & Mike

30th ~ Saturday ~ Glynn & Mike

New Year’s Eve ~ Jade

Random unnecessary information…

Christmas Menu for 2017 is here!
Book now to avoid disappointment.
Mike’s considering doing a shift on the bar!

Yes I know I know! I’m sat here now, pondering what it’d be like to work a shift again.

  • Could I handle the pressure of making Annie’s latte? (No chance).
  • Can I make a flat white with a pretty leaf like Amy? (er..not a hope in hell)
  • Could I do everything and not stop all day like Hana? (f%ck that)
  • Could I spend all day chatting to Ray in the kitchen like James? (er.. maybe)

I’ve mastered the art of swanning around, but now it’s time; I’m going BACK TO THE FLOOR!*

* For like 1 or 2 shifts max (3 hours tops though I’m no hero)

Eli’s going GLOBAL

Following my recent Instagram post of Eli holding a cocktail, she practically skipped into work…

‘Mike did you see how many likes my picture got?’
Err, yes Eli (48 – just 30 less than the new bench seating got in January)
‘Quite a few new people have started following me!’
‘Fany Boutique have even started following me!!!’
At this point I fell off my chair. She’s gonna be FAMOUS
‘Maybe they want me to model their clothes?’


New Years Eve foodies
Fresh herbs at Oxton Bar & Kitchen
  • Open all day for bookings from 12pm – 9.30pm
  • Pimped Sunday roast menu served
  • £20 2 courses, £26 3 courses.
  • Reservation is essential, with a £10 deposit / head.
  • 2 hour time limit on tables
  • Bookings from 7.45 onwards can have the table for the night if they so wish – please email Mike on drinkandeat@oxtonbar.co.uk
New Years Eve drinkers!
Cocktails at Oxton Bar & Kitchen
  • Open all day 12pm – 1am (No entry after 11pm)
  • Our favourite musician Jade THUNDER will be smashing out classic tunes from 9.30 – 12.45
  • Guest list only for any arrivals after 9pm
  • How to get on the guest list – be a fairly regular nice and polite customer, then email Mike on drinkandeat@oxtonbar.co.uk – there’ll be a small favour for a favour request x
  • Please note we are only reserving tables for food